Resources in Douglas County

With our local partners, we’re working to help our
community become stronger and healthier.

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Douglas County offers resources for addiction, recovery and treatment. Find out what’s available to you.

Basic Needs

Here are resources for housing, food, transportation or general help in Douglas County.

County Services

Douglas County can offer you support in a wide range of areas including parks, animal services or the visitor centers.

Emergency Info

In case of a fire, police or residential emergency, have these resources on hand.

Family Support

Find resources to support families’ growth and development.

Mental Health

Mental health affects everyone. Learn about what resources throughout the community can help you.


Seniors make up over half of Douglas County’s population. Find related resources here.


Information, resources and support for young people living in Douglas County can be found here.


Find resources for veterans of all services and eras as well as for their families.