Partnership Douglas County (PDC) is continuing their mission of promoting safe and healthy community events by placing smoke and vape-free signage at local farmers markets to protect individuals and families from secondhand smoke.

The Sierra Chef Farmers Market is organized by a local business in Genoa but takes place at a public park in Gardnerville.  In the past, PDC worked with the Douglas County Parks and Recreation, Town of Minden, and Town of Gardnerville to have community events like “Concert in the Park” and “Movies in the Park” hosted as smoke and vape-free. PDC chose to begin working with these partners first because their events targeted families, youth, and seniors.

By adding tobacco-free signage to local farmers markets, PDC was able to secure another community-oriented venue that sees large numbers of families, children, and seniors and will protect workers and patrons from secondhand smoke.

PDC is also looking to partner with more agencies and to host more smoke-free events within Douglas County.

Some of the agencies PDC hopes to partner with is the Carson Valley Chapter of the Active 20-30 club and Town of Genoa. Both host signature events in Douglas County which bring in thousands of attendees each year. The Candy Dance, hosted by Town of Genoa, is a family fun event that brings in visitors from across the country each September.

By partnering with these two agencies, PDC can save two of Douglas County’s largest events from secondhand smoke exposure.

In 2018, there were only 4 smoke-free event signs in Douglas County shared between Douglas County Parks & Recreation, Town of Minden, and Town of Gardnerville. Today there are 12 smoke-free event signs in our community and no need to share signs across organizations.

If you have an event you would like to promote as smoke-free, PDC is offering FREE signs designed by Douglas High School students to let everyone know you support a happy and healthy Douglas County.

Click here to send us an email about using our signs or call (775) 782-8611.