If you are unable to pay your rent because of COVID-19, here is what you can do:

  1. Talk to your landlord: Let your landlord know as soon as possible that you are not able to make your full payment. The moratorium does not forgive missed rent, but it does give you time to set-up a payment plan with your landlord. We recommend paying as much as your are able each month to minimize the amount you will have to pay later.
  2. Provide documentation: Show your landlord some proof that you have been financially impacted by COVID-19. Even if you do not have the disease, you still qualify for deferred rent if you lost your job or have been furloughed due to business closures or cost-cutting measures due to COVID-19.
  3. Ask for a grace period: If you only need a bit of extra time before you can make rent payments again, request a grace period from your landlord to have your late payments and fees waived.
  4. Request a Payment Plan: To avoid having to pay the lump sum of your past-due rent after social distancing regulations are lifted, request a payment plan from your landlord and have it spread over a longer period of time. Make sure to get it in writing.

To qualify for rental assistance, you may need a letter of nonpayment from your landlord. For assistance in paying your rent, contact the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development at https://www.hud.gov/states/nevada/renting or https://www.hud.gov/states/nevada/renting/otherprgms. If you need legal assistance with eviction issues, legal aid providers are available on a sliding scale so that you pay what you can afford.

Nevada Rural Housing Authority (NRHA) has announced its COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Program, which provides one-time funding to rural Nevada residents experiencing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The program provides financial assistance to qualifying individuals who are falling behind on their rent, mortgage or utilities. The Program also gives financial aid to individuals having trouble paying for groceries and household supplies that are necessary to maintain safety and well-being.

Applicants will need to provide proof of delinquency on housing related payments to qualify for assistance.

NRHA’s Emergency Assistance Programs applicants must reside in a NRHA jurisdiction, which is all Nevada counties except for Clark and Washoe Counties. For more information about NRHA’s Emergency Assistance Programs, including the COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Program, please go here.

The Salvation Army can help with rent or mortgage and utility bills due to COVID-19 on a first come, first served basis. Call (775) 887-9120 Ext. 1 to apply